About Us

About Nisha’s Bridal

Dear Bride / Bride Groom – To-Be,

For Past years, brides have learned that the magic of Nisha’s Bridal lies not just in our most magnificent store; not just in our offering the finest selection of designer wedding gowns in the world; but the magic lies in the hearts of the most professional staff anywhere…a staff dedicated to perform your every wish. This is the world of Nisha’s Bridal for generations.

Our mission is to provide clients with the ultimate in fashion, fit and service. Nisha’s offers our customers only the highest level of quality and design in all of our gowns with a fit that makes every woman look and feel beautiful.

Since our inception, innovation and design has been at the heart of Nisha’s success. We offer the best and most comprehensive services in the industry.

WHY does Nisha’s Bridal sell more designer bridal gowns than any other store Uganda?

You are one of a kind… and so are we. Our professional bridal consultants understand your individuality – with listening ears, a keen sense of style, and a vision of perfection – they will guide you to your perfect gown…limited only by your imagination.

Our service is unsurpassed with enough dedicated professionals, , and custom fitters, sewers, beaders, embroiderers and pressers. Your gown will receive more than 30 hours of personal attention that goes into sculpting it to your body.

Nisha’s Bridal is with you every step of the way, from the day you purchase your dress through the day you wear it. The owners of Nisha’s Bridal give each bride their private home phone number in case a bride needs special attention when the store is closed.


Nelly Kweronda